Soft Furnishing is all about touch, feel and sensuous lingering comfort. Soft fabrics for a cozy feel, pleasant designs and lasting colors . Raha  pillows, comforters & duvets, mattress protectors, bed sheets, bedspreads and valences are tastefully designed to go with the bedroom décor. And, they can be made to any required size.


Raha pillows are manufactured using hollow siliconised polyester fibre, which is made in-house using Thermo-Bond technology. The result is our pillows stay in shape for years, without getting lumpy. They are hygienic & washable as well as non-allergic & resilient.

Raha memory foam contour pillow is a therapeutic pillow that is contoured to cradle one’s head and neck region for better comfort. Premium memory foam is used to make this pillow which ensures gentle, balanced neck support for a sound and healthy sleep.

Comforters and Duvets 

Raha comforters and duvets are made in a variety of ranges and sizes. Excellent fabric, soft & fluffy polyester fibre fillings and nice designs make a perfect complement to our beds and mattresses

Mattress Protectors

Raha mattress protectors help in maintaining mattress hygiene and in providing a clean sleeping surface. They are made using either polypropylene or polyester/cotton combination. Four elastic anchoring bands are provided at the four corners in order to help it stay in place on the mattress.

Bed Sheets

Raha bed sheets are made in two sizes, Regular size [which is Bronze range] and Large size [which is Silver range]. Normally, Regular size bed sheets are used. However, for high loft mattresses, Large size bed sheets may be used. Raha bed sheets are supplied from 132 Thread Count quality to 250 Thread Count quality.

Bed sheets can also be supplied as fitted bed sheets suiting the corresponding mattress sizes.

Bedspreads and Valences

Raha bedspreads are made using fine fabrics and are finished in attractive quilting patterns to suit different tastes. Raha Valences are made in such a way that they fall to perfection all around the divan base in order to lend a luxurious look to the bed. And, both bedspreads and valences are made as per customer requirements, depending on the décor of the interiors. These are made in standard heights of 30cms.

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