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  • Mattress Topper Create Your Own Comfort Preference

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Raha mattress toppers enhance the life of your mattresses while providing a better night’s sleep because of the improved comfort levels. Mattress toppers are also very effective in addressing the mattress firmness issues which one may face.

Raha offers polyurethane foam mattress toppers, memory foam mattress toppers, latex foam mattress toppers and polyester fibre sheet mattress toppers. Depending on one’s comfort preference, one can choose the mattress topper which he or she wants.

Raha polyurethane foam mattress toppers have the polyurethane foam layer of required density as the core, over which are the Raha hollow conjugated polyester wadding sheets that are quilted with Damask fabric ticking.

Raha memory foam mattress toppers have the memory foam layer as the core while Raha latex foam mattress toppers have the latex foam layer as the core.

Raha polyester fibre mattress toppers have the hollow conjugated polyester wadding sheets themselves as the core, which is then quilted with Damask fabric ticking.

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